miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011


City of de Maracaibo.

Maracaibo, beautiful city known as Sol Amada, constituent and the second largest city of Venezuela, head of Venezuela's economy, which extracts, refines and exports a large share of Venezuelan oil. City full of contrasts where they melt the customs, traditions and gastronomy procediente centuries, which provides economic activity, cultural and technological characteristics of any city in the world. Includes beautiful villages, churches, beaches, museums, fine restaurants and comfortable resorts that make the capital of Zulia one of the most attractive nation.

City of Barquisimeto.

Barquisimeto, estado LaraHe is known as Music City and sunsets for its beautiful sunsets. Due to its excellent location and have a modern network of highways and roads, is one of the cities with further strengthening of commercial and industrial development of the country.

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