miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

legend home in Maracaibo.

This historic site is one of those places in the Maracaibo Maracaibo know about it but little, and I dare say that never have visited. It was ordered built in the eighteenth century and its value is that it was the site where the last Spanish Captain General in Venezuela capitulated after the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo (hence the name of the Surrender House).

Relatives of those who currently own in the form of bailment (The Academy of History and the Bolivarian Society) say that at certain times of day and especially at night, wandering ghosts, asking for his soul. Say, these appearances are slaves and servants mistreated and even killed in construction during the colonial era. Perhaps if the story was official, the house would have some appeal and that it is scarce: the visits.

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